As a leading homeschool umbrella school, we give parents the freedom to choose the right curriculum for their students while also providing guidance for selecting teaching tools and resources.
We manage record keeping, attendance reporting, and transcripts in regard to your specific county and state. Let us handle everything so you can worry less and focus more on what matters.
With our cutting-edge cloud-based solution for tracking your students, we make it easy to track classes, grades, attendance, and even high school graduation progress for all of your students.

                    Why Us?

As one of the most innovative homeschool umbrella schools, we partner with our homeschool parents to provide outstanding support, actionable guidance for academic planning, and cloud-based record keeping software for grades and attendance.

Our goal is to enrich the lives of each student by equipping parents with the tools, training, and support necessary for making their homeschooling program an extraordinary experience. We also offer graduation planning for high school students and present each graduate with a Brightworth Academy diploma.

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