We Provide Homeschooling Parents With:

  • Freedom to Choose Learning Resources and Develop Your Own Teaching Plans
  • Comprehensive Guidance for Selecting Curriculum and Graduation Planning
  • Cutting-Edge Online Parent Portal that Makes it Easy to Track Classes, Grades & Attendance



Why Use a Homeschool Umbrella?



Regulatory Compliance – Many states have mandated testing and specific requirements for homeschooling parents. While testing is always great way to check student progress on specific subject matter, we do not require standardized testing and we submit all required information to your state/county school system.


Planning Support – With a myriad of curriculum choices out there, it can be difficult to zero in on what may be best for your child. We can help you analyze your student’s learning style and align educational materials that improve engagement, make learning more fun, and increase subject mastery. We provide best practices in pedagogical methodologies and recommendations tailored to your needs.


Mom-to-Mom Counseling & Guidance – Sometimes even the most experienced homeschooling parents need a little support. Whether you are just starting out and need a crash course in homeschooling or you simply would like a few recommendations on the latest and greatest math curriculum, we can help!