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We provide curriculum and graduation planning assistance for homeschooling parents who have students with special needs ranging from physical disabilities to learning disorders.

We understand at Brightworth Academy that every child is special and has unique learning differences. Therefore, we allow and advocate for parents to have the flexibility and freedom to educate their children in a way that best suits their specific needs and learning styles. Our vision is to assist every parent with the aligning help and resources they need in order to be able to provide their children the best home-based education possible. Please scroll down on this page and you will find a variety of resources that we have compiled to provide additional assistance. At Brightworth Academy, we do not diagnose or make specific recommendations with regards to curriculum or create a specific educational program for children with learning differences or special needs.

However, we do offer two main options for high school graduation for those students to which this applies:

  • A Modified Diploma for high school students that are unable to complete their classes at a high school level. These are students who are expected to eventually live independently and be employed if they choose to. When entering class titles in your online parent portal please add the word “modified” to the start of the course name.
  • A Certificate of Completion for high school students who are continuing to work at learning basic life skills. These are students who are not expected to live independently or be employed after graduation. Grades should be listed as non-credit courses the same as K-8 and will not be for official high school credit since a diploma will not be issued.


Please see the resources below to assist you:














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